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Spam Filtering

Spam filtering is handled in the web mail interface at The spam folder is located there as well. If the default settings are not working well enough, you have several spam fighting options:

To increase the severity of my spam filter settings: Go to and logon using your email address and email password. Click on Settings in your webmail, and go into Anti-Spam settings. Check the box that reads "If mail appears to be [option box] that it is spam" forward to spam folder. Use "Very Unlikely" for the forward-to-spam option.

Use your webmail before you download your email onto your computer and right click any email you do not wish to receive and select "Mark as spam". Not only does that remove the offending email, it also places the sender in your blacklist (professional spammers automatically change their address, so it is possible to see specific emails reoccur).

To blacklist spam

In the webmail interface if you have spam in your inbox, just right click it and choose "mark as spam". You can also select the check box next to the spam and in the "perform this action" drop down menu, select "mark as spam". You can also just click on the spam and drag it to the spam folder. This will mark the mail as spam, black-list it, and train the Bayesian spam filters.

Using Mail Rules

You can set up mail rules to address spam and filter mail by content as well as many other choices.

For the highest level of spam fighting

You can set the anti-spam settings to validate all messages. When this is engaged and you are sent an email by someone who is not in your white-list, it sends a challenge message that the sender must reply to. If they respond, it will white-list and deliver the message. Next time they send you an email, it will go through as usual, so the challenge message only needs a reply once. This stops all of the automated spam from reaching your inbox.